Inspection equipment


1. Prior to production, our factory conducts quantity and quality acceptance of the garment production materials submitted by the customer's determined raw material manufacturers. The quality is based on the corresponding highest level as the acceptance criteria. Acceptance is accepted and certification is issued to the purchasing unit and raw material supplier. After receiving the qualified inspection report for the goods received, our factory will assume all the quality responsibilities of the products it produces during the contract cargo quality assurance period.
2. Before delivery, our factory conducts a detailed and comprehensive inspection of the quality, specification and quantity of the contracted goods, and issues an inspection certificate to Party A to prove that the contracted goods meet the highest level requirements in the corresponding standards.
3. The purchaser will perform the acceptance inspection based on the inspection results of the tender samples of my factory and the highest level requirements in the relevant standards.
4. The purchaser has the right to carry out spot checks on the samples of the goods submitted by our factory against the test results and related grade requirements submitted at the time of bidding to ensure the conformity of the contracted goods and to serve as a basis for payment and refund of the deposit.
5. The purchaser will conduct spot check and inspection at any time prior to the use of the contracted goods. The sampling spot shall be any arrival site designated by the purchaser. Our factory shall appoint representatives to the sampling site to participate in the sampling and confirmation.