Clothing production equipment


Production preparation plan
1. Re-examine the status of the model and process and equipment of the winning bidder, further implement full-scale compliance, and improve quality awareness.

2. Organize procurement of surface auxiliary materials and strict physical and chemical tests for the bid-winning products to ensure 100% pass rate of materials.

3. Organize professional and professional groups. According to the contract regulations and user requirements, the team can assign physical bodies to customers in the designated areas to measure, measure, register, and check to ensure accurate and accurate measurement data.

4. Each team of quantifiers will send each item of the measured data to the company via the Internet or fax every day, archive it in time, and process it on a daily basis.

5. Organize production scheduling for non-winning products to ensure timely production of successful products.

6. Prior to production, the quantity and quality of garment production materials submitted by the customer's determined raw material manufacturers shall be accepted.